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Apr 26, 2008

James and John give an introduction to Macintosh clones. eBay Finds are a sealed Apple //e, an Apple III from the original owner, and a complete set of Macworld magazines. The final DigiBarn segment includes a real IIGS Woz, the PowerExpress, and the Picasso box.

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Apr 19, 2008

James and John interview Mark from The Apple Museum. eBay finds include a Daystar Millennium, MonsterMac 2MXS, IIfx, iMac Alarm Clocks, and a rare PowerBook 170. News includes the Psystar Open Computer and the IIgs Laptop.

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Apr 14, 2008

Derek Warren from Macintosh Folklore Radio fills in for John this week. eBay auctions are a Seiko Wristmac, Apple IIGS Woz, and a Macintosh First 100 Days Dealer Kit. Derek reviews "Programmers at Work" and in Part V of the DigiBarn series, we look at some rare Apple computers.

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Apr 5, 2008

In Part IV of their trip to the DigiBarn, James and John learn about Dan Kottke's computerized music box and the work of Jef Raskin. eBay finds include a Lisa video, a tablet Mac, and an amazing auction of the original Apple Computer sign and Woz's toolbox.

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