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Aug 23, 2008

James and John talk to Gil about his Mac Museum. eBay Finds are a very nice Apple 2, Picasso Mac Towel, and Steve Jobs PodBrix figure. News includes Mac mini mods, Myst coming to the iPhone, Seinfeld abandons the Mac, and rumors, rumors, rumors!

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Aug 16, 2008

The Retro Mac of the Week is the Macintosh XL. eBay Finds are a diamond and gold Apple pin and a portable LCD monitor for the Apple //c. Finally, the news includes RetroChallenge results and the 10th anniversary of the iMac.

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Aug 9, 2008

James and John find a copy of AppleDesign and So Far on eBay along with a very nice Lisa 2. They also discuss the Switcher Construction Kit and the latest Apple news.

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Aug 2, 2008

James and John interview Adrian from Sydney Australia. Adrian has a large collection of Macs for a museum he is planning. eBay Finds are an Apple logo poster, NeXT Cube, and Macintosh Portable Award.

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