We welcome readers of Low End Mac to our little podcast.  Low End Mac is great site to visit if you'd like more information about the Macs we discuss on our show.  Not only can you read about the history of every model, but you can also see complete specifications, upgrade information, and links to other online resources.
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We welcome new subscribers thanks to an article posted by Erica Sadun of The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) today.  You can read the article here.  Subscriber numbers more than doubled in a single day!
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Episode 10: Fluffy Rainbows The Retro Mac of the Week is the PowerBook 2400c, and in the Collection Spotlight, James talks about the Apple TechStep. We find some eBay auctions to avoid, and John discusses some favorite Classic Mac Resources. Current Events include a look at the first issue of MacAddict magazine, rumors of black Macs, and a Mac Genius living out of his truck.
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Episode 9: Zen & The Art of the Macintosh The Retro Mac is the Macintosh II, and in the Collection Spotlight, James and John sample some books from their libraries. The eBay Find of the Week is a set of Apple History DVDs. Current events include a rumored subnotebook and the problem of Macs holding their value.
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Episode 8: Let's go fly a kite! The Retro Mac of the Week is the short-lived Macintosh IIvi. James shows us his Apple Kite, and the eBay Find of the Week is a complete collection of Macworld Magazines. Johns runs down a list of Apple firsts. Finally, James & John review top stories from the past week.
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Episode 7: Birds of a Feather Mac Together James and John welcome Jeremy Mehrle, and they talk about Jeremy's impressive Macintosh collection. The Retro Mac of the Week is the Macintosh LC, and the Collection Spotlight is on some original artwork by John. The eBay Find is the book "So Far". Finally, they discuss some of the news from the past week.
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