Episode 15: Macintosh SEx The Retro Mac of the Week is the SE/30. For the Collection Spotlight, James and John look at an Apple Latch-Hook Rug Kit.  eBay Finds of the Week include the "Monet Mac", the Canon Cat, and a Pile o' RAM.  John explains how to get disk images onto diskettes.  Finally, they discuss the merits of a top-ten list of Apple flops and James's new AppleTV.

You can view higher quality versions of the images embedded in this podcast at our Flickr account.

Other links discussed in this episode:
SE/30 Repair
Jag's House
Low End Mac: Making Floppies and CDs for Older Macs Using Modern Macs, Windows, and Linux PCs

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Episode 14: Reliving the Lisa The Retro Mac of the Week is not a Mac at all.  In this episode, it is the Apple Lisa.  James and John are joined by Ray Arachelian, the developer of a Lisa Emulator.  They discuss Lisa history and how through Ray's emulator, you can relive the Lisa experience.

You can view higher quality versions of the images embedded in this podcast at our Flickr account.

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Episode 13: Who needs a computer anyway? The Retro Mac of the Week is the Power Macintosh 6100, the first Macintosh to use the PowerPC processor.  The eMate is the focus of the Collection Spotlight.  Two eBay auctions are discussed: a GCC HyperDrive and a set of Apple Service Manuals.  This week's feature is the Apple Newton.  Retro Mac News include a brochure illustrated by Matt Groening and a commercial for the Macintosh Portable.  James and John also announce the winners of the first RetroMacCast giveaway!
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Episode 12: Stick 'Em Up! For the Retro Mac of the Week, James and John share stories of their first love, the Macintosh Plus. The Collection Spotlight is on Apple stickers. eBay Finds of the Week are an Apple ][ badge and a Newton MessagePad 100. In the Retro Mac News, they discuss the new movie "Wild Hogs" and a classic Lisa brochure.
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Episode 11: Poseidon Adventure James & John welcome guest Tommy Thomas of Low End Mac. The Retro Mac of the Week is the Macintosh Portable. Our Collection Spotlight is on the Apple PowerCD. The eBay Find of the Week is a very rare, Mac-shaped coffee mug. We discuss great sources for finding old Macs, and we finish with a discussion on HyperDither, a great new application from John Balestrieri of Tinrocket.
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