Episode 92: Woz Went Down to Georgia James and John talk about the history of Apple displays. eBay Finds are a rare Apple Basketball Tournament Blanket and an Apple Network Server 700. News includes new Apple ads, financial results, and the Worldwide Newton Conference 2009.

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Meninos: iPhone Icon Coaster Set
EveryMac.com: Apple Display Specs
The SE/30 That Does It All
Einstein NewtonOS Emulator

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 Episode 91: Senseless Violence John interviews Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software. eBay Finds are an Outbound Mac clone, a collection of 19 Apple computers, and a Macintosh Portable. James and John also recap the Apple notebook announcements of last week.

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MacHEADS the Movie 2nd Trailer
Xenocide Documentation

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Episode 90: Incriminating Leaf James and John visit some of the popular topics in the RMC forums. eBay Finds of the Week are a Mac in a plexi-glass cube, Apple I replica kits, Macintosh IIfx, and a lot of 70 eMates. News includes speculation of the upcoming Apple event focusing on Mac notebooks.

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Higher Quality MacBook and MacBook Pro Case Photos Leaked
Apple Sues School For Using The Same Fruit In A Logo

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 Episode 89: He Ain't Heavy The Retro Mac of the Week returns with the 512K. eBay auctions are a Mac Mini Classic, Obtronix Apple 1 Replica, Mac 512K with HD-20, and WozWear. James and John also find some great retro news of the past week.

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ataque mutante: Steve Jobs Paper Doll
Low End Mac: Macintosh 512K and 512Ke
MacWorld: A visit with Guy Kawasaki
BBC: Woz's words of wisdom
MacUpdate: Mac OS Classic Sound Pack 1.4
The Old Computer Dot Com: Apple ROMs
The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Original Mac appears in Season 2 of "Chuck"

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