Episode 63: Biofeedback and the Woz Wonderbook James and John continue their DigiBarn series with an Apple II based biofeedback device and the Woz Wonderbook. eBay auctions include a crystal Apple logo sales award and a set of educational slides introducing the Apple III. 

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Engadget: PWN 2 OWN over: MacBook Air gets seized in 2 minutes flat
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PCWorld: Anatomy of an Icon: Inside the Apple IIc
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Episode 63: Delayed! Despite my best attempts to return home and record episode 63 on Monday, our return has been delayed once more. I won't get home until late on Monday night. Instead of doing an episode Tuesday only to turn around and record another on Saturday, we'll just postpone 63 until Saturday.
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Episode 62: Mosaics by Charis Tsevis James and John interview Charis Tsevis, the artist behind the fantastic Steve Jobs mosaics. eBay Finds are a set of slides and a badge from the Macintosh First One Hundred Days, a Macintosh IIci, and a Macquarium.

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Engadget: Mac SE gutted, converted into toilet paper dispenser
Amazon: Apple T-Shirts

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Episode 61: Romancing the Pismo James and John present part two of their visit to the DigiBarn Computer Museum. eBay auctions include a rare Lisa collectible, the AppleDesign book, and a IIGS Woz paperweight. News includes a steampunked Mac mini.

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Steve Jobs Mosaic by Charis Tsevis
Fortune: The trouble with Steve Jobs
Fortune: Steve Jobs' Journey

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Episode 60: DigiBarn and the Mac Business Plan James and John present the first part of their visit to the DigiBarn Computer Museum with a look a the preliminary Macintosh Business Plan. eBay auctions include a Macintosh TV bundle, a Duo 270c, and new Apple iron-on patches.

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AppleInsider: iTunes now the No. 2 music retailer in the US
MacRumors.com: iPhone, iPod Touch SDK Details March 6th
Download: The True Story of the Internet

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