Episode 80: Penelope Derek from Macintosh Folklore Radio joins James and John to discuss A/UX. eBay Finds are a curious, homemade Apple 2 and a sealed Power Macintosh G3.

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Tenon Intersystems
Internet Archive
MacDaily News:  RUMOR: Apple's secret product is 'MacBook touch'
BusinessWeek: The Real Issue About Steve's Health
Super News!: Gates vs. Jobs: The Game!

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Episode 79: One Hour Battery! James and John discuss eBay Finds: AppleDesign book, Icon Watch, and Lisa videocassette. The Retro Mac of the Week is the PowerBook 180 and 180c. Finally, there's more good news for Apple but not-so-good news for Psystar.

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Low End Mac: PowerBooks 180 and 180c
PowerBook 180 Startup Video
PowerBook 180 User's Guide
MacRumors: Apple Hints at a 'Product Transition' and a New Product Soon?

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Episode 78: Electric Boogaloo John talks about his HD-20, an external Apple hard drive that uses the floppy port as an interface to older Macs. eBay Finds include Apple logo sunglasses, a rare Apple II vinyl case, and an empty cola can promoting the Blue & White G3 release.

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Vintage Macintosh: Notes on the Hard Disk 20 (HD20)
Wikipedia: Hard Disk 20
Gizmodo: Artist Uses Old Macs as Canvases for Mac Fanboy Paintings
Mac 128 Update
RetroChallenge 2008

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Episode 77: Wayne's World James and John talk to Wayne Bibbens, owner of Wayne's Computer and over 1500 Apple computers. Wayne is featured in  the documentary Welcome to Macintosh. The eBay Find of the Week is a Wheels for the Mind publication

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Welcome to Macintosh
Welcome to Macintosh Ning Website
Old Apple Stuff
Engadget: iPhone 3G lines start at the Apple Cube... one week early
RetroChallenge 2008

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