Episode 103: Sonata James and John finish their series on the Macintosh OS with OS 9. eBay Finds are a new-in-box //c, System 6.0.8 floppies, and a real Apple. News includes James's article in Cult of Mac, the Tekserve museum, and Guy's 25th anniversary party photos.

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Episode 102: Happy 25th Anniversary James and John are joined by Derek of Macintosh Folklore Radio to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh release. eBay Finds are an Apple clock, Apple III case, lot of macs, and two original Macs. News includes all the stories celebrating the 25th.

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Computerworld: The Mac Turns 25
CNN: Apple fans mark 25 years of Mac devotion
iReport: Show us your vintage Macs
Cnet: The Mac at 25

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Episode 101: Macworld Expo 2009 Report James is back from Macworld Expo to share his experience. eBay Finds are a domain name, disk archiving service, and a classic Apple t-shirt. News includes the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh release.

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Episode 101 Postponed Along with wonderful memories, I also brought back a nasty cold from Macworld Expo. Therefore, we're going to postpone Episode 101 a bit -- possibly until next week. There is so much to talk about that I can't wait! However, I will have to wait until I'm physically able. - James
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Episode 100: To the MacCave! To celebrate their 100th episode, James and John interview former Apple employee Daniel Kottke. eBay Finds are a Bell & Howell Apple 2, an Apple belt buckle, and a Woz-Jobs bag. John gives us a tour of the MacCave and the duo reflect on 100 episodes.

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