Episode 76: Vampire RAM James and John return to the Retro Mac of the Week with the Macintosh IIci. eBay Finds are a Made on Mac book, Super Bowl Cushion, sealed Apple //e, clear Mac Portable, and Andy Warhol Apple logo print.

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Episode 75: A Home for Dupey James and John pass along more case cleaning advice following last week's segment. eBay auctions are an Inside Macintosh poster, Test Drive a Mac set, and an AppleWorks GS Golden Master.  The Collection Spotlight is on a Dilbert animation cel featuring the Apple campus.

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OneGirlCreative's CafePress Store
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Dinosaur Sighting: The original Apple Macintosh Classic
RetroChallenge 2008

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Episode 74: Fade to Beige James and John talk about ways to clean the cases of your old Macs. eBay auctions are aluminum skins for a Wallstreet PowerBook, iMac Pop Art, and a suspect Apple 1. They conclude with thoughts on the WWDC announcements.

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Episode 73: Turning Trash into Treasure James interviews Bonnie, who is selling her large collection of Apple items on eBay. eBay Finds are the Apple car #84 from the Cars Speedway of the South set, a clear case Newton MessagePad 110, and the first computer in the world.

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MacRumors: Worldwide Developers Conference 2008 Rumor Roundup
CrunchGear: Photos of the iPhone 2 leaked

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