Episode 84: Gil & Donna's Mac Museum James and John talk to Gil about his Mac Museum. eBay Finds are a very nice Apple 2, Picasso Mac Towel, and Steve Jobs PodBrix figure. News includes Mac mini mods, Myst coming to the iPhone, Seinfeld abandons the Mac, and rumors, rumors, rumors!

Other related links from this episode:

Technabob: mac mini mods: the ultimate collection
touchArcade: Cyan Porting Myst to iPhone
Joy of Tech: Steve Jobs writes to Jerry Seinfeld
MacRumors: New iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iTunes 8.0, and Blu-Ray?

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Episode 83: The First Hackintosh The Retro Mac of the Week is the Macintosh XL. eBay Finds are a diamond and gold Apple pin and a portable LCD monitor for the Apple //c. Finally, the news includes RetroChallenge results and the 10th anniversary of the iMac.

Other related links from this episode:

The Mac Museum of Franklin Park, NJ
Lisa/Macintosh XL Do-it-yourself Guide
Low End Mac: Apple Lisa 2/Macintosh XL
Lisa Emulator Project
Wired: 10 Years of Cuddly, Friendly iMacs
Gizmodo: 10 Years of the iMac: A Visual History Through Ads
Macworld: iMac performance evolves through the years

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Episode 82: The Original Switcher James and John find a copy of AppleDesign and So Far on eBay along with a very nice Lisa 2. They also discuss the Switcher Construction Kit and the latest Apple news.

Other related links from this episode:

Folklore: Switcher
The Mac 512: Switcher Construction Kit
Macintosh Servant
Stories of Early Mac
Guidebook: Switcher Obituary
Steve Jobs on MobileMe: the full e-mail
Operator Headgap Systems
Digibarn Computer Museum

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Episode 81: RetroMacMedic James and John interview Adrian from Sydney Australia. Adrian has a large collection of Macs for a museum he is planning. eBay Finds are an Apple logo poster, NeXT Cube, and Macintosh Portable Award.

Other related links from this episode:

Adrian's Mac Museum
MacTalk: The Australian Macintosh Community
AppleInsider: Apple warns resellers of Mac and iPod drought, says load up now
Computerworld: Rumor: MacBook updates to include glass trackpad, other goodies
Diesel Sweeties
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