James interviews Dave a.k.a. BellePrima, purveyor of fine Macintosh computers. James and John conclude their clones discussion with a word on the Unitron. eBay Finds are an Outbound laptop, new Apple IIGS, and Steve Jobs golf balls.

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Fortune: Apple takes delivery of 188 mysterious ocean containers
Ustream: Alfred.TV
Welcome to Macintosh

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Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:54am CDT

Episode 71: Vinny's Pizza and Retro Mac Repair James and John discuss the Motorola StarMax Macintosh clones. eBay Finds are an Apple Network Server, Yum Watch, and a Cap'n Crunch Whistle. They're also joined by Al DiBlasi who recently purchased a new-in-box Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh and opened it live online.

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Engadget: iPhone line forms at Apple's flagship for absolutely no reason
The Misadventures of Steve & Steve
Engadget: G4 Cube shell used to house Mac mini
ZDNet: Rumor: Tablet Mac coming this fall

Direct download: RetroMacCast_71__Vinnys_Pizza_and_Retro_Mac_Repair.m4a
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:00pm CDT

Episode 70: Reflexive Double Clicks James and John continue their series on Macintosh clones with a discussion on Umax and DayStar Digital. eBay finds include a UK Mac collection, and the Audrey Hepburn of Macs. The Collection Spotlight shines on the original Mac carrying case.

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Wikipedia: DayStar Digital
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MacTalk: Meeting a Mac that's not a Mac
YouTube: Apple Music Video
MacHEADS the Movie

Direct download: RetroMacCast_70__Reflexive_Double_Clicks.m4a
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:08am CDT

Episode 69: We're Fighting Back for the Mac! James and John discuss some eBay finds: an original Apple II and a Daystar Digital Genesis. They also discuss Power Computing and the week's news.

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MacRumors: Latest iPhone 2.0 Firmware has 3G On/Off Option
Return to Dark Castle
My Little Underground: Command Prints

Direct download: RetroMacCast_69__Were_Fighting_Back_for_the_Mac.m4a
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Episode 68: Jeremy's Basement James and John discuss some eBay finds: new-in-box Cube and Twentieth Anniversary Mac and an Assistive Technology Freestyle tablet. James visits Jeremy Merhle's basement to get an update on his collection. News includes revised iMacs and a Psystar unboxing.

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Jake's iMacquariums

Direct download: RetroMacCast_68__Jeremys_Basement.m4a
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:22am CDT

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