Episode 88: Think Different James and John discuss the Think Different ad campaign. eBay Finds are a QuickTake 200, Apple putter, and PowerCD. News includes the latest iPhone killer.

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 Episode 87: The Vintage Mac Museum James and John interview Adam Rosen of The Vintage Mac Museum. eBay auctions are an Apple 2 once owned by Jef Raskin, a IIGS poster, and a new-in-box Apple //c+. News includes Microsoft's ad campaign. 

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Windows: I'm a PC

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 Episode 86: On the QuickTake James and John talk about the short-lived QuickTake series of digital cameras. eBay auctions include a five lot set of auctions for an Apple button collection, a pair of Pippins (1,2), and a Mac Portable with the original box. News includes a recap of this week's Apple iPod/iTunes event.

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Episode 85: Steakbone Slide James and John interview Jag of Jag's House. eBay Finds are a Macintosh Ex-Lisa, an original Macintosh, and a poster from an Apple sponsored concert event. News includes Swedish Macintosh SE art, a Japanese Woz and Jobs comic strip, and the upcoming Apple event.

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